The General Relativity Marathon:

GR Marathon graduation ceremony for Siva (on the left), after attending all its 20 sessions and completing the marathon!:

STEM Slam 2019:

The band "PhysiCats" during our STEM Slam 2019 performance:

On stage picture after claiming #1 award in STEM Slam:



Physics Math Dinner:

A friendly dinner following the Maths vs Physics societies Ultimate Frisbee match:



After the super secret morning practice session for the annual match against the Maths Society

New Physics Shirt: 

Pi(e) day celebration:

And some of the Pis we made (on the right: Pi-Man):

Talk by Prof. Rossi (ft. Tiramisu)

International Astronautical Congress:

University Physics Competition:

Some of the participants on Monday ~ 2 AM, after submission:

Physics Christmas Night (25th December):

Santa Claus comes all the way from the north pole to visit the physics society:

Santa giving a talk at the Physics Society on Penrose Diagrammatic Notation (notes prepared for the talk can be found here):