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Welcome to the Sedimentology course pages. The slides, class notes and assignments are largely by Prof. Angelo Rossi. I am very grateful for his permission to use them 

2019 - Sedimentary Geology - CO10-210203 -

General Information

Credits: 2.50

Official Course Description: 

In this course the students will be made familiar with the basics concepts of sedimentary geology and stratigraphy. Focus will also be on the identification and recognition of sedimentary features and on an understanding of modern and ancient depositional processes and environments.

Reading Material

  1. Introducing Sedimentology, Stuart J. Jones and Stuart J. Jones (2014). ONLINE HERE (please use your campusnet login and password to access)

  2. Reference Material -  Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, 2nd Edition. G. Nichols. Wiley-Blackwell (2009). ISBN: 978-1-4051-3592-4 Even in eBOOK format - Access here -  

Grading & Submission 








Final Exam


Deadline (all assignments): 12:30 Tuesday 10th December 2019*

  • Delay in submission up to 1 week = 50% reduction of assignment grade
  • Delay in submission more than 1 week = 100% deduction of assignment grade


  1. Paper or printed copies to: Erica or Britta (Team Assistant R3) or Vikram (in this order)

  2. Digital copies to: Vikram

Both paper and digital copies are needed for the final submission (and grading).




Slides, Readings, Assignments


1Tue, 22. Oct. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentology Intro & Earth History 1


2Th, 24. Oct. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 SeminarMichael Bau - Igneous / Metamorphics


3Tue, 29. Oct. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 SeminarSedimentary Rocks, Processes 1

Chapter 1 - Introduction & Chapter 6


4Tue, 5. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentary Rocks, Processes 2

Chapter 2 - Sediments → Rocks

5Th, 7. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar


Chapter 3 - Sedimentary Structures

6Tue, 12. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentary Environments: Fluvial, Aeolian and Glacial

Chapter 4 - Environments 
7Th, 14. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Rock identification lab 1: Clastics

8Tue, 19. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentary Environments: Coastal

 Chapter 5 - Fossils

9Th, 21. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Rock identification lab 2: Clastics

Chapter 4 - Environments
10Tue, 26. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentary Environments: Marine / Deep Sea


11Th, 28. Nov. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Rock identification lab 3: Marine


12Tue, 3. Dec. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Sedimentary Environments: Carbonates

Chapter 4 - Environments


13Th, 5. Dec. 201911:1512:30R.3-50 Seminar

Rock identification lab 4: Carbonates


14Tue, 10. Dec. 201912:3014:30EH-3 SeminarFINAL EXAM

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15Mon, 27. Jan. 202017:0019:00EH-2 Seminar


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Vikram Unnithan, v.unnithan@jacobs-university.de, Office: Room 98, R3

Erica Luzzi, e.luzzi@jacobs-university.de, Office: Room 99, R3

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