JTME-210213 - 2019

Welcome to the GIS Lab 2019 webpages. This course relies heavily on past courses, especially those designed by Prof. Angelo Rossi.


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Official Course Description

The introductory course on geospatial data analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will focus on the use of spatial information systems and technologies such as ArcGIS for modeling and analysis of environmental data and resource management. The main purpose is to train students in environmental problem-solving skills using data analysis and GIS techniques.

GIS provides the tools to combine, manage, visualize and map large volumes of complex multidimensional geographic data and use it for spatial correlation, analysis and modeling. This course will introduce you to the principles, methods, techniques and applications on GIS through a variety of lectures and hands-on computer exercises. Aspects of computer sciences, cartography, geodesy, remote sensing and advanced topics such as spatial interpolation, surface analysis, terrain modeling, raster/vector data models, landscape pattern analysis, land cover modeling and resource management will be touched upon during this course.


  • 50%from the report (exercises, & lab sessions)
  • 40% from the final exam (written + computer)
  • 10 % for turning up to the lectures !!

Please note that the report needs to be submitted:

  1. in digital format to the server (piggy.clamv.jacobs-university.de) before 16:00 on 28.01.2020. In addition to the report, please upload and submit all relevant files. Access details to this server will be provided in the next classes.
  2. in printed/hardcopy format to Vikram Unnithan (R3, Room 99) before 16:00 on 28.01.2020




Students should NOTIFY me of the submission by email v.unnithan@jacobs-university.de . File upload times on the server will be considered as the submission date and time.

  • late submission up to 1 week after the deadline=50% marks deducted 

  • late submission more than 1 week after the deadline will not be accepted.

Report Template

Use this template (GIS_report_TEMPLATE.tex)  for the reports. In order to create the reports, you can either use the online LaTeX editors:

Or install LaTeX on your own computer / laptop using:

Course Time Table

Exercises & Files
1Mon, 13. Jan. 202009:4511:15West Hall 3Lecture 1
2Mon, 13. Jan. 202011:1515:30CLAMV Teaching Lab 3, Windows Teaching Lab

Exercise 1: LaTeX

3Tue, 14. Jan. 202009:4511:15West Hall 3Lecture 2
4Tue, 14. Jan. 202011:1515:30CLAMV Teaching Lab 3, Windows Teaching Lab

Exercise 2: ArcGIS

5Wed, 15. Jan. 202009:4511:15West Hall 3Lecture 3
6Wed, 15. Jan. 202011:1515:30CLAMV Teaching Lab 3, Windows Teaching Lab

Exercise 3: Raster

7Th, 16. Jan. 202009:4511:15West Hall 3Lecture 4
8Th, 16. Jan. 202011:1515:30CLAMV Teaching Lab 3, Windows Teaching Lab

Exercise 4: Vector

9Fri, 17. Jan. 202009:4511:15West Hall 3Lecture 5
10Fri, 17. Jan. 202011:1515:30CLAMV Teaching Lab I, Large Teaching Lab3, Windows Teaching Lab

Exercise 5: Mini Project, revision, report, catchup

11Mon, 28 Jan. 2020????CLAMV Teaching Lab 3, Windows Teaching LabEXAM ... EXAM ... EXAM ...



Any introductory book on Geospatial Data / GIS / Geographic Information Systems would do. We have several in the library and/or as e-book. Even if they are focused on commercial products (e.g. ESRI ArcGis) they are.

In addition, internet resources (like those provided in our notebooks) are also good to introduce basic concepts.

Course participants 

6Lynn ShiyayoLikhanga
9CarlosSalazar Letona


Florian Neu 
CLAMV System Administrator
email: f.neu@jacobs-university.de

Vikram Unnithan  
Office: Research III, Room 98
Tel: +49 (0)421 200 3153 
e-mail: v.unnithan@jacobs-university.de
Teaching Assistant - Erica Luzzi (e.luzzi@jacobs-university.de)