You might want to print this page for reference, but beware of occasional changes.

(lightbulb) The Service Desk is IRC-IT's central contact point for Jacobs University's faculty and staff members in case of Incidents or Requests.

  1. write an email to anytime.
  2. call 4666 during telephone hours, voicebox anytime (we'll callback ASAP!).
  3. visit the IRC-IT office CC 3-256 during open office hours.

Support Hours:

|| Time || Monday || Tuesday-Friday || 
| 09:00-10:00 | Not available | Telephone Hour | 
| 10:00-11:00 | Not available | Open Office Hour | 
| 14:00-15:00 | Telephone Hour | Telephone Hour | 
| 15:00-16:00 | Open Office Hour | Open Office Hour | 
| Any available time | Email, Voicebox, appointments | Email, Voicebox, appointments |

(lightbulb) More information in Contacting IT-Support for Staff.

Periods outside these times are used for appointments, support tasks requiring longer examination, and for infrastructure maintenance.


Server Maintenance Hours are each Thursday, from 07:00-08:00.

During these times, server operation is unreliable. You should expect unavailable servers and sudden downtimes of services without prior explicit announcement.

See here for details.

Support is available only on regular working days. There is no IT support on weekends or on public holidays.

(plus) You can find a lot more information about efficiently employing IT support in Contacting IT-Support for Staff. Also, the priority system used is described, the tasks of IRC-IT, and alternative contacts are given.

(tick) It will be easier and faster to answer your questions, if you keep a few things in mind upon requesting information, including being specific. Please see the interesting hints on asking questions at Geek to Live: The art of asking or Web Worker Daily: How to Prevent Tech Support Nightmares. Also, employing How To Ask Questions The Smart Way might help to get faster and more helpful answers.

The Service Desk implements one of the core ITIL Service Support processes.