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Mentor: in Greek mythology, friend of Odysseus and tutor of Telemachus. On several occasions in the Odyssey, Athena assumes Mentor's form to give advice to Telemachus or Odysseus. His name is proverbial for a faithful and wise adviser.

Meet the freshies first, help build diversity and community at Jacobs!

Welcome! This is the resource page for Graduate Mentors of Fall 2009 incoming students. Board members, please refer to internal O-Week 2009 page for Board specific tasks.

Summer 2009 Updates for current mentors

O-Week 2009

Orientation Week will take place this year on August 25-September 1, 2009. The GSA run parts of the schedule include:

Following the guide of the very successful undergraduate program of Student Advisors, we are now organizing Graduate Mentors to introduce new students to Jacobs and Bremen life.

Graduate Mentors

My chief want in life is someone who shall make me do what I can. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Graduate Mentors will provide much needed contact to incoming graduate students during the summer and in person during O-Week 2009. We expect there to be about 170 new Jacobs students arriving in the Fall. Although we would like each new student to have an individual mentor, it is more likely that Mentors will be in charge of a small group of mentees. All members of the Jacobs graduate community are eligible to participate (and in special cases graduate alumni).

Duties of a Mentor

If you become a Mentor, you will not be asked to do all of the above! As we understand better than anyone else that you are busy, you will be asked to commit the time and effort you are able to afford. You do, however, have to commit to contacting your mentees during the summer and meeting them during O-Week. The information and training sessions are very useful but not mandatory. Further participation is up to you. Once you have signed up to be a Mentor, you will be added to the Mentor mailing list where you will receive updates and announcements and later the name of your mentees. Anytime during your mentorship, if you encounter a problem or are overwhelmed with questions from your advisees, doesn't hesitate to contact us.

Here are some helpful Dos & Don'ts Student advisors are given. Please refer to the Graduate Mentor guide for information and activity suggestions specific to you.


Undergraduates have been running this program for years and many of them have become good friends with his or her advisors and with the students who were in the group. Being a mentor or advisor is a good exercise in community outreach and an expression of kindness. If you look back at your arrival at Jacobs, wouldn't you liked to have some one wise to ease you into graduate life?

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If you are not available during O-Week and still want to help, please contact us so that we can figure out another way you can contribute. This may include serving as a Mentor to students who arrive after O-Week.

If you have any comments about Mentors or about how we can make O-Week 2009 better, please leave them on this page.