Service Level Agreement

Name of Service

Counseling Center Virtual Server Service, short name "SCOUNSEL".

Service Description

The service provides network access and hardware maintenance, as specified below, for a web server at

Service Products

The virtual server is provided running openSuSE operating system and is hosted on Jacobs' 32bit virtual infrastructure. Virtual environment maintenance is performed upon incident or request.

Air condition, power supply, and uninterruptible power supply is provided.

The virtual server has the IP address and can be addressed by the name

Network access to the TCP listening ports for SSH and HTTP on the server is provided.

A network CNAME is set up for, pointing to

SSH service and account credentials to access the service is provided.

The virtual server is equipped with:

Service Customer

Jacobs University Counseling Center.

This SLA has been agreed upon on (info) FIXME December , Day 2009.

Service User

Jacobs University Graduate Student Association: Jessica Price.
The Service User provides the server administrator, by agreement in the SLA this task is done by IRC-IT.

Service Continuity

The service is provided until end of December 2010.

Service Availability

The service is available 24/7. Technical support and incident response is provided as described below.

The server is located in VLAN 3 (public internet).

The server is accessible from the public internet and from Jacobs University's campus network.

ssh root access to the server is provided to the service customer and service users.

The production server is included in IRC-IT's monitoring system, see Key Performance Indicators below.

Service Reliability

The service is 99% reliable, calculated per month.

Service Charging

No internal costs for service provisioning is charged to the Service Customer or Service User.

Costs resulting from maintenance or changing hardware, software, or external service contracts are charged to the service customer's cost center.

Service Security

The server provider is responsible for technical soundness of the server.

The Service User is responsible for the security of the system, employed services, and applications.

The system is pre-configured to install critical security operating system updates automatically (see Service Provider Responsibility).

Service Prerequisites

The following items have to be provided by the Service Customer or Service User as a necessary pre-requisite for IRC-IT to fulfill this service agreement: ssh public keys for root access, a MySQL user and a HTML file in the web server root of the apache-virtual host for service availability checking an have to be provided to the service provider.

Service Customer Responsibility

The Service Customer is responsible for any content stored on or published by the server. IRC and Jacobs University policies, German and International laws apply.

The Service Customer provides updates of contact and contract information regarding this Service Level Agreement to ensure timely communication.

Service User Responsibility

The Service User prevents abuse of the system by enforcing adequate system, application and data security and integrity.

The Service User ensures system and data security and integrity by informing the Service Provider about necessary security updates to the system and standard applications timely.

The Service User configures the system and any applications as necessary for the intended purpose.

Service Provider Responsibility

IRC-IT as service provider will update the operating system and standard applications. Updating is only done, after an update request is received from the Service User (see below).

Updating is done with standard operating system tools (i.e., yast) and includes only those applications included in yast.

The update request should include the list of packages to update. The update request should include a list of exemptions, if any.

The Service Provider will inform the Service User, as soon as the updates are done.

The system is pre-configured to install critical security operating system updates automatically.

Backup and Restore

The Service User provides consistent database exports/dumps to the file system, to the directory /srv/backup.

The content of the following directories is backuped once per day each day and retained for 30 days:

Directories in Backup





Restoring data from backup should follow the procedure for incident response. Data will be restored to the original directories, unless requested different.

In case of system breakdown, the Service Provider provides a clean operating system installation. In addition, the last file system copy of the mentioned directories is recovered. The Service User restores all application(s) to a running and available instance. The Service User recreates the server configuration, the application, the database, and data files with the restored data.

Service Support

Support Extent

The Service Desk for Faculty and Staff ensures availability of the service products to the extent of this Service Level Agreement.

Support Channels

Service support can be reached by employing the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff contact channels.

Support Availability

Incident response is available during business hours.

Configuration and extension requests, and other inquiries should follow the procedures and contact channels for Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

Service Workflows


Upon incidents detected by IRC-IT's monitoring system and not immediately resolvable to the extent of this Service Level Agreement, the Service User and Service Customer will be informed.

After resolving an incident, the Service Desk for Faculty and Staff informs the Service Customer and Service User about the taken measures, configuration changes and results.

Incidents include only failures due to defects to the extent of standard installation software as defined this agreement. Incidents do not include failures of additional components or software or applications maintained by the Service User or Service Customer.


Requests and inquiries should follow the procedures and contact channels for Service Desk for Faculty and Staff.

Key Performance Indicators

Monthly availability numbers of the SSH, MYSQL and HTTP services as reported by IRC-IT's monitoring system.

(info) Fixing issues with the system, the web server, or the application is the responsibility of the Service User.

Measurements of Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are only defined for the production server.

Availability Service

External pages show the availability of SSH, HTTP, HTTPS for the last month and, for informational purposes only, for the last 7 days.

Live System Status

For informational purposes and system mangement by the Service Customer, the following links to live system monitoring can be used.

The live status of the server can be seen at this external page.

Additional Links

IRC-IT policies can be found at Policies. A collection of relevant German laws can be found at Legal.