{info:title=Welcome to Jacobs University and the Graduate Students Association!}
If you are a Masters, PhD or Post-doc student at Jacobs then you are automatically enrolled in the GSA and are represented in university matters by the [Executive Board|Executive Board].  The Board and volunteers are here to help you adjust to your new life in Bremen.  

Please refer to the information below or [contact us|mailto:gsa-support@jacobs-university.de] if you have any questions! 

Good luck,
Your [Executive Board|Executive Board]

h1.        [GSA Events]

h1.        [Housing Offers|GSA:Housing Offers] & [Housing Guide|Graduate Housing Guide]

h1.        [Meetings|GSA:Meetings]

h1.        [Coffee Breaks Mondays 13:00-14:30, Wednesdays 14:15-15:30 and Fridays 15:00-16:30|Coffee Breaks] in the GSA Lounge

h1.        [Incoming Graduates Fall 2009|Incoming Graduates] your intro to Jacobs begins here!

h1.        [O-Week 2009|Orientation Week] (Aug 25-Sept 1)

h2. Directions to Jacobs from Bremen
There is a train from the Main Train Station every :11 and :41 minute in the direction Bremen-Vegesack.  Get off at 6th stop, Schönebeck, and take a right off the train.  Go up the staircase and turn right, cross the overpass.  Follow Bruno-Brügel-Str. as it curves sharply left.  The Jacobs Campus is on your left, use the main gate.  Reimar Lüst Hall is on your immediate left, where you can pick-up your Welcome Package.  The GSA [Lounge] is in the Student Activities Center, in the back-left of the campus.

h1. {color:#660000}Services{color}

(*r) To sign-up for a Graduate Mentor [register here|http://spreadsheets.google.com/embeddedform?key=reqoe_9sE9_K277ZiO0a_tA].

* [Renting the Lounge|Lounge]
* [Funding] - for clubs and social events
* [Getting a locker in the Campus Center|Get your own locker in the Campus Center]
* [Info for Graduates - On Campus Life]
* [Info for Graduates - Off Campus Life](i)*NEW*
* [Clubs on Campus|https://teamwork.jacobs-university.de:8443/confluence/display/CAIA/Clubs]
* [Info for families]

* *[Events]* (*y) *{^}New{^}*
* [Calendar]
* [About us|About]
** [Executive Board]
** [Council] (Program Representatives)
** [Committees - Graduate Members]
** [Social Activities Task Force|GSA:Social Activities Task Force]
** [History]

h1. {color:#660000}Documents{color}

* [Charta]
* [Charta Revised Version]
* [Anti Sexual Harassment Code|http://www.jacobs-university.de/academics/policies/09987/]

h1. {color:#660000}Community Projects{color}

* [EU Elections Campaign 2009|https://teamwork.jacobs-university.de:8443/confluence/display/EU2009/Home]
* [Graduate Mentors 2009]
* [O-Week 2009|https://teamwork.jacobs-university.de:8443/confluence/display/GSA/Graduate+O-Week+Committee]
* [Food Survey Results (from June 2009)]

h1. {color:#660000}Pictures{color}

* [GSA Reception 2007]
* [Neuwerk Trip 2007]
* [Cook Up Your Culture]

h1. [Discussion Forum|Discussion]

{tip:title=Your Questions and Suggestions}If you have further questions or suggestions about the GSA, please contact the Executive Board, or just leave a comment [here|Discussion]

h1. [Excess Budget Discussion Forum|Excess Budget]

{tip:title = Excess Budget Discussion}
You have ideas on how the excess budget should be best allocated? Want to see what the other fellow students think about it? Give us your ideas! Comment [here|Excess Budget]! Let your voice be heard!
h1. Stay Tuned\!

To keep in touch with the GSA, you can:
* attend our [Meetings].
* join the ["Grads at Jacobs"|http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5065909516&ref=ts] Facebook group!
* read mails from [the board members|Executive Board] or your fellow students to the _\{ses,shss,jcll\}-graduates_ lists
* watch this wiki space (Jacobs University Members only; the linked pages provide more information):
** First, {link-to:login}log in to Confluence {link-to}.
** [To watch a single page of interest|ircit:380. Watching a Page], click the envelope icon in the top right corner of a page. You will receive a mail whenever the page changes or a comment is added.
** [To watch the whole GSA space|ircit:350. Watching a Space], i.e. every page in the space, go to "Browse Space > Advanced" on the left, and click "Start watching this space".
** To [manage your watches|ircit:360. Know Your Watches] or to [fine-tune the notification e-mails|ircit:370. Configure Your Watches], go to {link-to:user profile}your preferences {link-to}.

h1. Further Links

* [Jacobs University Website|http://www.jacobs-university.de/]
* [Internal Space|https://teamwork.jacobs-university.de:8443/confluence/display/GSAInt/Home] for Board use only

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