Smear - Slide descriptions:
HE 376, 15-1, 0cm

Grain size was measured relative to microscope cross hair at the "Red Leitz Magnification '160x1.5'"

Detailed grain description:

Size: 13*10
Shape: Angular, some rounded edges, mostly 'serrated'
Surface: Not smooth, appears coarse, hard to be conclusive due to low transparency of the grain
Color: Stays black at all angles
Note: Black grains in smear slide generally vary in size from 1-13, some are more rounded, angular or elongated.


Size: 9*7
Shape: Rounded, slightly fuzzy edges, slightly elongated
Surface: Rough
Color: Variety of colors present at all angles. At starting angle: yellow, green and red color. After 136 degree turn, a greenish hue appeared. After another 110 degrees a yellow hue took over.

Size: 5*3
Shape: Sharp corners, angular
Surface: Smooth, edges partially broken off, top surface appears inclined
Color: Navy blue. Transparent after 10 degree turn, orange to brownish hue after another 20 degree turn. Navy blue after another 70 degree turn.

Size: 3*4
Shape: Rounded edges and corners, angular, edges partially broken off
Surface: Rather smooth, except for the broken edges and some craters
Color: Brown with a hint of dark blue. It turns white/transparent after a 20 degree turn. It returns to its initial color after another 70 degree turn in the same direction.

HE 376, 15-1, 27cm

Detailed grain description:


Size: 6*5.5
Shape: Fairly rounded, slightly serrated edges
Surface: Coarse, craters of different sizes scattered randomly across smooth surface
Color: Bluish with a hint of green and yellow at starting angle. Color turns to faint "light brownish yellow" after 25 degree turn. This turns into a faint pink yellow color with a hint of purple after another 25 degrees. Transparent-grey color after another 25 degree turn. Initial color is achieved after another 25 degree turn.


Size: 10*7
Shape: Angular, some edges rounded off, others broken off
Surface: Porous, coarse, relatively homogeneous surface
Color: Brown (fading to white towards the grain's edges) at "normal angle". Color turns transparent/white after 45 degree turn. Initial color achieved after another 45 degree turn.

Size: 5*11
Shape: Partially rounded, angular, slightly elongated and conical towards one end
Surface: Relatively smooth with some craters of various sizes.
Color: At normal angle an array of colors is visible: yellow, red, purple, blue going from outside in. After 45 degree turn, the colors change to white/transparent. Initial situation returns after another 45 degree turn.

Size: 5*10
Shape: Elongated, fuzzy edges, angular parts
Surface: Relatively smooth, yet not completely plane surfaces - many bumps visible
Color: Light brown at all angles.


Size: 0.5*9
Shape: Extremely elongated, needle-shaped with dark line running along the centre of the long axis
Surface: Smooth, some grooves along, as well as perpendicular to the long axis.
Color: Light to dark blue at initial angle. White/transparent after 45 degree turn. Initial color after another 45 degree turn.