The best way to write the essay is usually to focus on your interest for science, and to tell how it was first awakened, which stimuli you were exposed to, what you have done to develop your interest, what you gained and learned at Jacobs, and finally how all of this has led you to apply to this particular graduate school, in this particular field. You should also mention that you believe you are now well-equipped to start graduate school because of your theoretical and practical training, and that you recognize how important it is to work productively with others within a research environment.

Other suggestions in terms of style:

Beware of essay books, websites, and companies that offer ready-made essays. It is fine to use them as an inspiration, but do not copy anything slavishly. Templates will usually not fit to your life and may even give a suspicious contrast to your CV. The admission officers are looking for a genuine statement, and they know very well that such books exist.

Websites with general advice that are worth looking at include:

On the process of writing the essay:

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